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  • Product background

    Ultraviolet (UV) Light is a powerful disinfection tool against many viruses, harmful bacteria, mold, spores, and more. The solution is one of the most effective and safest in sanitizing as it does not require any contact with the surface or object.

    Specifically, the UV-C range, which covers wavelengths ranging from between 200 nanometers and 280 nanometers is capable of eliminating viruses,bacteria, mold and spores. This solution is being used in large scale waste water treatment, medical facilities,laboratories, manufacturing, food processing, and hospitals.

    At Tonvoy Technology, we aim at leverage our relationships with innovation-driven companies around the globe and in turn materialize our efforts into well-designed products that advocate human well-being.

    As the technical lead for the socio-economic response, Tonvoy International, the mother company of Tonvoy technology, invested in developing a multifunction UV-C sterilizer.

    The Tonvoy Multifunction Sterilizer, is based on a simple, effective and laboratory tested solution that kills more than 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold and spores, not only to disinfect mobile phones, but for any personal item that is exposed to external environment; in addition to that the device can be used as a portable UV-C sanitization device.

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    Product Functionality

    10W Wireless Charging

    Inductive charging (also know as wireless charging or cordless charging) is a type of wireless power transfer. It is uses electromagnetic induction to provide electricty to portable device.

    UV-C Portable Sterilizer

    Could be used to sterilize various items including Kitchenware, car dashboard,office item, cloths, towel, and food item.

    Closed Enviorment sterilization

    Closed Environment Sterilization Could be used to sterilize personal items including, mobile phone, masks, bank notes (money), coins, eye glasses, jewelry, and watches.

    30 Seconds Sterilization

    In 30 seconds, the device kills viruses, bacteria, mold , spores and more.

    Product Parameters

    Trade Name:
    Tonovoy Technology Multifunction Sterilizer-(TON-MF001)

    Mobile phone wireless charger with Multi-function UV Sterilization Box

    (Acrylionitrile butadiene styrene (ABS Toughened glass Silica Gel (ABS)

    185*100*47 mm

    Power Input:
    7V-2A / 5V-2A

    Wireless Mobile Charging Output:

    Sterilization Output :
    9V * 0.5w

    Ultraviolet Light Emission :
    LED Semiconductor

    Ultraviolet Light Emission:
    UV-C (265-280)nm


    10W Mobile Wireless Charging Output.

    9 x 0.5 W UV Sterilization Output.

    185 x 100 x 47 mm Sterilization Box

    1 m length charging wire


    “Wow. I bought the UVC Sterilizer and it was SO SIMPLE to use. I am blown away. Now I feel safer using it everywhere I go. High fives!”.

    Amine Turkey

    I am really satisfied with this sanitizer device, I find it very useful, versatile and can take it wherever I go!

    Jessica H

    Lastly, we tried the Tonvoy UVC Sanitizer Box. At first glance it looks a lot like other sanitizer gadgets we’ve seen in the market, but it has one cool new function: There is a wireless charging option that makes us save time plugging our phone over the night

    John B

    Thank you Tonvoy for this small but very useful sanitizer, I really love it as I can disinfect all my items and stuffs easily and in a laps of time! Now I am more confident when being in contact with the outside world.

    Adriana T



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