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    Designed to make hassle free the way you sanitize your hands…


    With TONVOY Steri-PRO, stop wasting time and money on classic sanitizers as they are harmful for your hands, the environment, and your wallet as well.

    We designed The TONVOY Steri-PRO that gently coats your hands with Alcohol, while still maintaining the level of disinfecting that you need. Our Automatic infrared Alcohol dispenser uses a technology called nano-atomization to break the alcohol into a cloud of sanitizing particles that evenly coats all surfaces of your hands.

    The TONVOY Steri-PRO alcohol dispenser has an Intelligent infrared induction function that will spray out the atomized alcohol solution automatically without pressing. Touchless Hand sanitizing makes your hand almost free, clean and safe.

    The TONVOY Steri-PRO is noiseless, rechargeable, small and easy to carry, which make it very convenient for you to use anywhere such as home, office, restaurants, hotels, schools, malls, factories and other public places.

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