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    Enjoy the freedom of wireless connection, filter what you want to hear…


    TONVOY Buds-PRO are the next generation earbuds, that excel in satisfying all types of customers.
    The TONVOY Buds-PRO are equipped with active noise cancellation that can immerse you into your music no matter the noisiness around you, from your busy living room to being on a flight on an airplane, you can listen to music or watch a video without any distractions. While our transparency mode will let you be aware of everything happening around you while still clearly hearing all the sound coming from your device.

    TONVOY Buds-PRO come with a metal case for extra durability. The metal case also means the case can accommodate a larger battery as the extra heat can be dissipated. The case can charge the earbuds to 50% battery in just 30 minutes, which can give you an extra 4 hours of playing time. The case itself have both USB type-C and wireless quick charging capabilities to push out as much playing time as possible.

    The TONVOY Buds-PRO come with the latest Bluetooth technology providing you with low latency and the new chipset lets you seamlessly go in between available devices just by using the touch controls on the sides of the buds.

    The TONVOY Buds-PRO come in an ergonomic and luxurious design made to be comfortable and practical for all types of consumers.

    The TONVOY Buds-PRO come with 4 different sized elastic earbuds to accommodate any size ear with ease.

    TONVOY Buds-PRO is equipped with a sleep feature if unused for more than 5 minutes to save battery life, our new smart technology will turn them back on instantly whenever there is audio playing on the users device.

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